Church Health Checkup

This tool is designed to help you conduct a quick checkup of your church in six areas that indicate the health of your church. Respond to the statements below using the rating scale:
Never                                                     Score 0
Rarely / Almost Never                         Score 1 - 3
Sometimes / Occasionally                  Score 4 - 6
Often / Most of the Time                    Score 7 - 9
Always                                                    Score 10


___    The Bible is our ultimate source of truth and the basis for our pastor’s sermons.
___    The Bible is not only taught, but we strive to see life change through the worship experience.
___    Because I know that they will be blessed, I enjoy inviting people to visit our church.
___    Our worship glorifies God and engages worshippers in heart, mind, and emotions.
___    Our worship is characterized by a spirit of joy and thanksgiving.
___    Our worship leaders are gifted in leading worshippers to have a “God-experience.”
___    Every part of the worship service is done with excellence.
___    People come to worship with a sense of excitement and anticipation of experiencing God.
___    Our parking, buildings, signs, printed materials, facilities, and members make a person’s visit to our church a warm and meaningful experience.
___    The music in our worship services helps me worship the Lord.
Worship Total = _____

___    Our church relies upon personal relationships as the primary source of first-time attendees.
___    I try to develop relationships with unchurched people that I might introduce them to Jesus Christ.
___    Our members are consciously and regularly encouraged to build relationships with the unchurched.
___    Our church is sensitive to the fears and needs of the unchurched.
___    People of different backgrounds and lifestyles are warmly welcomed and accepted by our members.
___    Our church is passionate about reaching our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as evidenced by our active outreach ministry.
___    Our leaders, budget, and ministries reflect a significant commitment to evangelism.
___    We pray for boldness in sharing our faith, and we expect to see people saved on a regular basis.
___    We regularly provide evangelism training in our church.
___    I regularly pray for my friends, colleagues, and relatives who do not yet know Jesus Christ that they will come to faith in Him.
Evangelism Total = _____
___    Our church has an intentional plan for developing faithful followers of Jesus Christ.
___    Our church has a process to identify the characteristics and competencies of a faithful disciple.
___    Our members want the church to grow both numerically and spiritually.
___    Our church emphasizes and lives out a holistic approach to discipleship (head-knowing, hands-doing, and heart-being).
___    Our church leaders give a strong emphasis to spiritual growth both personally and corporately.
___    A large percentage of our members read Christian materials, listen to Christian music, and attend Christian growth seminars/conferences.
___    I notice a significant difference between the attitudes and actions of my friends who are church members and my unchurched friends.
___    I am a member of a small group in our church in which we hold one another accountable for spiritual growth.
___    The Word of God is the most important authority in the everyday decisions of my life.
___    I regularly have a devotional time and work to memorize scripture.
Discipleship Total = _____
___    The goal of our church’s ministry is to see people’s lives changed into the image of Jesus Christ.
___    Our church is more interested in serving others than in serving ourselves.
___    Ministry is deemed to be a balance between ministering and being ministered to.
___    Our pastoral staff members are viewed primarily as ministry equippers who train the members to do ministry.
___    Our church is committed to training and helping our members use their spiritual gifts in accomplishing specific ministries.
___    Our church conducts ministry fairs to celebrate our various ministries and to encourage members to serve through these ministries of the church.
___    Other members really seem to appreciate the value of my ministry in our church.
___    Our leaders strive to get more and more members involved in doing the ministry of the church.
___    In our church there is a leader for each ministry.
___    Our church does something to help the hurting people in our community.
Ministry Total = _____
___    Our church leaders promote and model good relationships and are active in small groups.
___    Some of my closest friends are members of my Sunday school class/small group.
___    Our church has a reputation in the community for being warm and welcoming.
___    Our church has a plan to help our members connect with one another in meaningful ways.
___    Our church has an intentional plan to get people involved in Sunday school/small groups.
___    Our committees and ministry groups do not just meet to discuss and fulfill their responsibilities, but they actively pray for, support, and encourage one another.
___    I feel totally at home in our church and look forward to seeing my dear friends there.
___    There is a very high degree of trust between members in our church.
___    Our members genuinely like one another and their love is contagious.
___    When I am experiencing difficulties, I call church members to pray for me.
Fellowship Total = _____
___    Our church leaders are respected, encouraged, and loved by our members.
___    Our pastor is viewed primarily as an “equipper,” not a “hired gun” to do most of the church ministry.
___    Our leaders model Christ-likeness in their lives, families, work, and ministry.
___    Our leaders have vision and share this vision regularly with the church.
___    Our leaders hold our members accountable and know how to handle conflict.
___    Our leaders are sensitive to God’s leadership and are constantly exploring new ways to build the Kingdom of God.
___    Our leaders are committed to “giving the ministry away” and are not hesitant to delegate both responsibility and authority.
___    Our leaders have an inspiring optimism.
___    Our pastor looks for help from members to complement those areas in which he is not gifted.
___    The activities of our church are characterized by successful planning and good organization.

Leadership Total = _____

Scores of less than 60 in any of these 6 areas indicate that your church is either plateaued/declining (or soon will be).

Unless you make intentional strategic decisions to improve the health of the church, your church will continue to become increasingly unhealthy. 

Ideas and questions were inspired by "Vitals Signs of a Healthy Church" By Jack Jones, Director of Evangelism, Minnesota - Wisconsin Baptist Convention.

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