Restoring the Passion Of Churches and Their Leaders

Pastor Coaching Process

The Coaching Process


  1. The coaching process is primarily designed to facilitate personal exploration in all areas of one’s life and is not intended to be a teaching regimen directed by the coach.
  2. The coach’s responsibility is to assist the individual in exploring his personal and professional life by considering his dreams, fears, frustrations, failures, inconsistencies, personal and ministry difficulties, personal potential, and future possibilities in order that he might realize God’s love, peace, hope, joy, and will for his life and ministry.
  3. The coaching process will be established through a covenant that will normally consist of 26 sessions extending over a period of approximately one year.  The sessions will initially be scheduled twice a month, except when impacted by holiday seasons, vacations, etc.  Sessions can be by telephone, but will be face-to-face as often as practical.
  4. The coach will maintain strictest confidence regarding information shared.

The Coaching Curriculum 
1)   Exploring One’s Call (Suggested Books:Is God Calling Me? by Jeff Iorg and The Measure of Our Success by Shawn Lovejoy)

  1. God’s Call to Himself;
  2. God’s Call to Service;
  3. God’s Call to Ministry Leadership (including partnership of spouse)

2)   Exploring One’s Character (Suggested Books: Who You Are When No One’s Looking by Bill Hybels and A Work of Heart by Reggie McNeal):

  1. Prayer Regimen
  2. Devotional Bible Study
  3. Accountability Structure

3)   Exploring One’s Concern for Personal and Family Responsibilities (Suggested Book: Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald):

  1. Physical Fitness;
  2. Financial Responsibility;
  3. Relationship with Wife/Children;
  4. Friendships

4)   Exploring One’s Competency (Suggested Books: Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley and The Painful Side of Leadership by Jeff Iorg) (Take the “Individual PLACE Assessment Tool” at

  1. Personality Profile
  2. Spiritual Giftedness
  3. Leadership Style
  4. Continuing Education Plan

5)    Exploring One’s Commitment (Suggested Books: A Resilient Life by Gordon MacDonald and Brothers, We Are Not Professionals by John Piper):

  1. Exploring Life Purpose
  2. Establishing Ministry Focus
  3. Exploring Future Ministry Vision/Direction

Session Agenda (typical)

  1. Prayer
  2. Explore Topic(s) for the Session
  3. Explore Personal/Professional Issues "Raised by the Individual"
  4. Schedule next Session 
  5. Prayer